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February 29, 2012
Android Overtakes IPhone As Most-used Smartphone In The UK
By y Shaylin Clark
A new study shows that Android has overtaken the iPhone as the most-used smartphone in the UK. Among smartphones in use by consumers on a daily basis - not just sales - Android has 36.9% of the market, compared to 28.5% for Apple's iPhone.

The survey data comes from Kantar WorldPanel ComTech and was published earlier today in The Guardian. The data covers the four week period ending on January 22nd, and shows that Android use surged past iOS to take the top spot. During the same four week period last year Android had just 20.1% of the installed base, compared to Apple's 29.2%. In the twelve months since Android gained 16.8%, while Apple and RIM lost 0.7% and 0.6%, respectively. The biggest loser by far was Nokia's Symbian operating system, which plummeted from 26.7% of the user base in January 2011 to just 13.1% in January 2012.

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